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On-Line Forms

Work smarter, not harder!


Whatever information you need to gather, ask the questions via your website, facebook, and email etc.


  • All forms customised with your company colours and logo,  asking the exact questions that you need answering.

  • Email notifications.

  • Intelligent forms mean that questions are asked based on previous responses. e.g. If Status is Single, don't ask for Partners details.

  • Spreadhseet downloads available of all information gathered. e.g. all time sheets per employee, or per job, or per week.

  • Graphical representation of results available. e.g. What % of customers are unhappy with your delivery process.


Example Uses:


  • Booking Form

  • Cancellation Survey

  • Complaint Form

  • Consulting Agreement

  • Contact Form

  • Contest Entry Form

  • Course Evaluation Form

  • Customer Feedback Form

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Donation Form

  • Employee Details Form

  • Employee Review

  • Employee Exit Interview

  • Enquiry Form

  • Enrollment Form

  • Event Evaluation Form

  • Event Registration Form

  • Feedback Form

  • File Download Form

  • Invitations to Tender

  • Job Application Form

  • Medical History

  • Membership Application Form

  • New Customer Registration Form

  • Order Form

  • Parental Consent Form

  • Performance Review Form

  • Political Form

  • Pricing Survey

  • Quiz

  • Rental Application Form

  • Request a Quote Form

  • Restaurant Survey

  • RSVP Form

  • Sales Lead Form

  • Sponsorship Request Form

  • Subscribe to Newsletter Form

  • Support Request Survey

  • Tech Support Request

  • Satisfaction Survey

  • Training Evaluation

  • Volunteer Recruitment

  • Website Evaluation

  • Website Visitor Survey

  • Workplace Safety Survey


I'm sure you get the Gist................


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